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  • Top Questions on Contexxia

    1. What does Contexxia do?
      Contexxia is a unique new product that helps you analyze and understand SEC filings faster. It helps users become more productive in doing public company research, helps broaden your portfolio by adding new companies and gain greater insights into companies you already follow. Contexxia does the heavy lifting for you by highlighting important and hidden nuggets of information using three unique view - Textual, Events and Numerical. By allowing you to view events and numerical outliers, and by combining them with the unique document view, Contexxia helps you comprehend and do deep-dives into SEC filings. Learn more by going to the Contexxia website.
    2. Is Contexxia free?
      Contexxia is available in a free version. Advanced features are available via monthly or annual subscriptions.
    3. What types of filings does Contexxia show?
      Contexxia shows SEC filings such as 10-Qs and 10-Ks and corresponding amendments, if any.
  • FAQs - How to use Contexxia

    1. How do I find a specific company?

      Users can use the Search box located at the top right of the main dashboard page. As you start typing the name of a company, Contexxia will provide a list as shown in the screenshot.

    2. How do I find a specific filing?

      Once you filter down to a particular company using the Search box, Contexxia will show you all available filings for that company. Each filing is represented by one of the rectangular tiles and includes the date on which it was filed (the “Published” date) as well as the Reporting Period. All filings for a company are also accessible from within any of the documents once it is opened. The filings are shown as a list from the "All Available Filings" icon on the top right of the document view page.

    3. How can I view the filing?
      You can view the file by clicking on any of the tiles visible in the dashboard.
    4. Can I do a text search within filings?

      Yes, you can do a text search by selecting the “Text Search” option from the search bar on top.

      The search results will look like the image below.

    5. How do I log-in to Contexxia?
      Contexxia provides two options for logging in. Users can register to Contexxia via the sign up form which pops-up when you click to view a filing from the dashboard. Signing up is quick and all you need to provide is some basic information like your name and an email address to login and access Contexxia. Contexxia also offers social network log-in options for LinkedIn and Google Plus. Selecting one of these icons will let you log in using your credentials with either of these networks.
  • FAQs - Contexxia - Advanced Help

    1. How do I use Contexxia after I have opened a document?

      Contexxia provides a set of icons that enable you to analyze and research a document from multiple viewpoints.

      The wide bar with green lines is the Document Index Ribbon and more details are provided in #10. Contexxia opens a document in the Document view. Other views such as Events Timeline View and Numerical Line View are accessible by clicking the icons shown below:

    2. What is the bar on top of the page with multiple green colored lines and what does it do?

      This is the Document Index Ribbon, a powerful tool that shows semantic changes in different parts of the document. You can quickly identify sections of the document that have new content or significant changes by looking at the green bars. The dark green bars indicate new content or substantially changed text while the lighter colors show the smaller content changes. You can very easily see where changes have occurred by looking at the bar rather than scrolling through the entire document. The Document Index Ribbon also enables easy navigation to the specific locations containing these changes by pointing the mouse at a specific green bar. It also show icons where you may have added a bookmark or comment previously.

      The markers at the bottom of the ribbon indicate the starting locations of various sections within the document. Clicking on any of these markers will pop-up the title of the section. Section titles also show below the ribbon and these change as you scroll through the document to help you easily identify which section of the document you are viewing.

    3. What is Semantic Diff?
      Semantic Diff is a term Contexxia uses to signify the semantic content differences between two fragments of text. Semantic changes are show by analyzing the content by understanding the meaning of the words or phrases rather than merely showing text changes. Contexxia marks semantic changes between two corporate filings containing similar content and provides a powerful way to identify these changes.
    4. How do I view the “changes” in a paragraph?

      You can click on a paragraph or table that has a green bar to its left. This will open a little toolbar above it that will allow a few new operations. Here’s how the bar looks.

      Clicking on the “Compare” icon will show the changes between the two filings for a specific fragment:

    5. Can Contexxia identify new content within a document?

      Yes! Contexxia marks these fragments of text with a blue bar to the left (replacing the normal green color). The blue bars also appear in the index ribbon.

    6. What am I viewing when I see the changes in a paragraph or table?

      The amount of change is shown by the green bars on the left. If it is dark green, the text is either completely new or substantially changed from the previous filing. When the color is dark green, Contexxia will show a fragment (paragraph or table) from the previous filing that is the nearest semantic match using the “Compare” view. The following colored highlights are used if the text has changed:

      a. Pink highlighting shows text that was in the previous document but not in this one

      b. Yellow highlighting is new text added in the file being viewed

      c. Text with no highlights is identical in both documents

    7. Are my notes visible to other Contexxia users?
      No, notes are private and only visible to you.
    8. Will my bookmarks and notes still be available when I return to a document later?
      Yes, bookmarks and comments are save in your private workspace in Contexxia.
    9. Can I download data from a financial table?
      Yes, tables are downloadable as Excel files. you can click on the “Export table to spreadsheet” icon, , to download tables. Please note, this icon is visible when you click to select a financial table. It appears alongside the other icons mentioned above such as Compare, Bookmark, Note, etc.
    10. What does the “Events” icon show?

      Clicking on the Events icon provides a different visualization of the filing based on all events (dates, periods, etc.) mentioned in a filing. It complements the semantic diff view by providing a unique new way to visually analyze the changes in a filing.

    11. What does the Events timeline view show?

      The Events Timeline view shows all events mentioned in a document for specific dates or time periods. It also allows you to navigate using a timeline to view past, present and future events mentioned in the document. Each symbol (arrow, rectangle or circle) may include different shades of green to depict changes to the underlying text. The color shade has the same meaning as in the Semantic Diff view.

      The top of the screen shows a timeline navigator indicating years. Users can navigate through the timeline by pointing the mouse at a specific point in time. The various blue shaded sections indicate the presence of an event at a point in time. Dark blue sections show clusters of events at a point in time.

    12. What are the different types of symbols in the Events Timeline view?

      There are 4 main symbols used in the Events timeline view:

      a. Forward Arrow - - indicates events from that point in time and going towards the future

      b. Backward Arrow - - indicates a period ended as of a date and going back in the past

      c. Circle - - represents a specific date

      d. Rectangle - - represents a range, which could be a few days, months, or years.

    13. How do I view information about the events?

      You can click on any of symbols to display a list of references to the event within the document. These will show in a pop-up window on the left of the Events Timeline View. You can scroll through the list as some of the periods or dates may have multiple text fragments associated with them.

    14. What is the Numerical Line?

      The Numerical Line is the third view provided by Contexxia. It helps you analyze the filing based on the numerical facts presented in the document. The Numerical Line is ordered from left to right based on the biggest facts presented in the document. It provides multiple facets as shown here that enable you to filter the types of facts you wish to analyze. you can also use the Search box to find specific accounting concepts used in the filing.

    15. Can I create a report from my notes and bookmarks?

      Yes, Contexxia allows you to collect a set of bookmarks and comments to create and save a report. These are available from your user workspace menu which can be accessed by clicking on the user icon on the top right of any of the views as shown in this image.

    16. Is there one place where I can see all my bookmarks and comments?

      Yes, all your bookmarks and comments are stored within your workspace. You can access your workspace by clicking on user icon as shown below and selecting “Workspace”.

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